Hack im Pott thrives on lively and active participation. That is why we are again looking for workshops and presentations this year. The premises offer enough space for a colorful and varied program in which you can participate. The following principle applies: We are interested in everything. So if you would like to hold a workshop or lecture on an exciting topic, you can register here.

Since it was founded, Hack im Pott has primarily focused on workshops where participants could learn and try out new skills. However, we have also established a lecture program for several years.

Your submission should include the following information:
- Type of submission (whether lecture or workshop)
- Expected time required (we have 30/60/120/240 minutes as a pre-selection)
- Clear title indicating the topic of the submission
- A short description of your project and any materials or previous knowledge to be brought by participants
- If you would like us to provide you with specific materials for your submission, please let us know in your submission (submissions in the lecture category will be provided with a projector, please indicate this in the case of workshops)
- For presentations, whether you would like a recording of the event for later publication on media.ccc.de

We hope that we will be able to accommodate all interesting submissions in the timetable again this year thanks to the larger rooms. However, when submitting your project, please consider whether you might be able to realize it in a shorter time slot.